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Stormy Weather ep. 9 | Lake of Mnemosyne

The ninth episode is entitled Lake of Mnemosyne and is about one hour long. The composition is inspired by the text of an ancient totenpass. The totenpass or “orphic foils” were egyptian and greek sheets of gold, placed in the mouth or around the neck of the deceased and served as a passport to the realm of souls.

The text of the one used for composition dates back to the fifth century B.C. and is given in full in the caption accompanying the podcast on all major platforms.

All sounds and the cover image were created exclusively through the use of Artificial Intelligence.


You will find to the left of the houses of Hades a spring,

and beside it stands erect a white cypress tree:

To that spring do not even approach.

But then you will find another, where cold water flows

From the lake of Mnemosyne: there stand before it the Guardians.

Thou sayest to them, “I am a son of Earth and starry Heaven:

celestial is my lineage, and you also know it.

With thirst I am burned and I fail: give me soon

The cold water that flows from the lake of Mnemosyne.”

And they will give you drink from the divine fountain

And after that with the other heroes thou shalt be sovereign.

To Mnemosyne all this is sacred, when you are on the verge of death

And darkness all around spreads.